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The Tribe Fitness Center has three levels.

We distinguish four areas of training:
– cardio zone
– a functional training zone
– a zone with fitness trainers
– a zone for fitness in larger groups.

After each training you can take a bath and refresh – in all of the dressings there are showers. In addition, a part of our service is a protein bar. Before or after training you can refresh yourself with water, coffee, juices or protein sheiks.

If you’ve forgotten the towel or there is no room for it in your bag, do not worry. You can always rent a towel with us.

And if you’re coming to us by bicycle, then you should know that the Fitness Center Tribe has a special part reserved for bikes – you can tie it and enjoy your favorite training without worries.

Tribe story

Our Team is made up of people who have been practicing fitness for many years.

We are well aware of the importance physical activity- and our mission is that you know it as well. That’s why we invest our knowledge, experience and energy and we want to motivate you to feel better after each training.

We do nothing by chance. Our symbol, the ancient Viking sign of the aegishjalmur, is one of the most powerful symbols that the Vikings used to ensure victory on the battlefield. This symbol is helping the person who carries it to overcome fear in their mind or body.

You see the connection, right? We want to motivate you to overcome all obstacles and be even more powerful each day.

Our community grows every day – and we cannot wait to become part of the Tribe community.

Individual approach

Everything we do is subordinate to YOUR needs.

Individual approach means that we are at your disposal for all questions and concerns. Being a part of a Tribe Community is a lot more than just working out.

If you are not sure how to combine trainings – we can help you. Our six-week smart start package is designed to your liking. It does not matter if you have just stepped into the world of fitness, or it’s part of your everyday life for a while.

Every week certified trainers could prepare a training schedule according to your needs – your goal, free time and previous results. They will keep track of your progress every week, listen to your suggestions and accordingly help you achieve your goals.

Individual approach means working with leading experts in the field of nutrition, physiotherapy, as well as successful clinics in Belgrade. Because we plan every step on the way.

Personal training

Personal training means you’re never alone.

The trainer works with you on an individual training plan, he’s there while you are practicing, he is monitoring your progress and taking care of your health and your form.

Individual training means that one person will make sure that he chooses appropriate exercises and a diet that will help you achieve your goal. It does not matter whether you want to feel or look better – your coach will help you achieve the goal.

Group fitness

Once you feel the power of a group fitness, it becomes part of your everyday life. And that’s a good thing, is not it?

The trainings are tailored to everyone and each has a different concept. Choose the one that suits you most and enjoy the changes!

Les Mills

Les Mills group fitness programs are adored by millions of people in 19,500 clubs, 100 countries around the world. Just while you’re reading this, thousands of people around the world are enjoying in Les Mills trainings.

What is it that kept them?

Les Mills is a combination of great training, great music and an atmosphere that cannot be described by words. This combination will bring you back to work out every day though.

Behind the Les Mills idea are people with the same goal – to make the world becomes healthier and more beautiful – fit place. The slogan “for a fitter planet” tells you everything – it’s a global movement with a clear vision and energy to achieve its goal.

From New Zealand’s base every three months there are new choreographies and new music – designed so that you fall in love again with training.

There are currently four Les Mills trainings in the Tribe offer:

Functional training

Functional training today is referred to as one of the most popular training systems in the world.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that there are no complicated exercises – they are all derived from everyday movements. Some of the basic exercises in functional training are jumps, squats and lifting… however, do not be fooled to think this will be a easy training.

Functional training will quickly improve your fitness and explosiveness, make you fall in love with it and all the benefits it brings.