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You also know that the scale is not the only indicator of the outcome of the training, right?

In addition to the inevitable smile that follows you when you leave the room, you can find out how training affects you through the measurement, or analysis of the segmental composition of the body.

Why is physical fitness estimation important?

The physical fitness estimation is provided to all of our members with the goal of obtaining health screening, then analyzing the segmental composition of the body (percentage of fat, muscle, water…), the level of cardiorespiratory form, the level of muscular strength and endurance, and the level of flexibility. The number of pounds is not the only parameter that tells you it’s time to turn to a healthy life.

Through this session of tests and measurements we collect data on the current level of physical form and health status. The results obtained can be used when counseling the best exercise program for you. Also, you will get an insight into the current level of physical fitness, as well as which elements you need to improve in order to achieve the desired training goals.

What is segment body analysis?

Analysis of the segmental composition of the body implies the measurement of skin folds based on which the percentage of fat tissue is determined and bioimpedance.

Bioimpedance is a scale measuring the percentage of water, muscle and fat in the body, as well as body mass.

These are parameters that will help you evaluate the progress and benefits that training gives you.

Initial and control measurement

First / initial test you will perform before the start of the training. This is important to know from which starting position you are going with training. Initial measurement will also help the professional team from the Tribe team to recommend the type and dynamics of the training to improve these parameters.

All control measures serve to track the outcome of the training, and accordingly change the training or nutrition plan.

Wonders do not happen overnight. You have to work hard to achieve your desired physical look – however, this measurement will show you the progress and motivate you to keep up with your workout routine.

Note: The physical fitness estimation service is performed at an earlier agreed time and lasts 60 minutes.