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The power
Increase cardio
Experience the lure
Of combat


What is Body Combat?

Body Combat is a cardio training inspired by martial arts. The combination of karate, taekwondo, kickboxing and Tai Chi, with powerful music, will make you move and give your maximum in every training session.

Although Body Combat takes only a segment from each of the martial arts, this training is programmed so that the results are not absent. Are you ready to wake up the warrior in you?

Who is it for?

Body Combat is for everyone – beginners and professionals. During the entire training, you can choose between different levels of intensity. So regardless of your fitness, in each training you can give your maximum.

Benefits of Body Combat training

Body Combat will improve your heart and lung function. It is great if you want to burn many calories during just one training session, tighten and shape the muscles. Improve coordination, mobility and stability, and you will leave the room with a smile and a higher confidence.


  • What should I bring with myself?

    All you need for Body Combat training are clean shoes, water, towel and comfortable sports equipment. We have everything else!

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