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What is Cardio Box?

Cardio Box is a highly intensive training inspired by martial arts. It combines elements of boxing, aerobics and martial arts – without physical contact.

This training contains a mix of exercises that will trigger your whole body – after warming up, you are going to continue the training with a series of arm and leg kicks. Cardio Box ends after a strength training and stretch, with a wide smile!

Who is it for?

Do you like intense and dynamic training? Then you will love the Cardio Box. This training will help you to develop speed, strength and fitness and eliminate stress – all at one time.

Benefits of Cardio Box training

You will see all the benefits of this training quickly – Cardio Box forms the body, increases strength and activates all muscle groups.

In addition to physical benefits, training will also affect your mood and help you improve self-confidence.


  • What should I bring with myself?

    For Cardio Box, you will need, as always, towels, clean shoes and water, as well as bandages and boxing gloves. We have everything else!

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