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Core strength
Shapes the stomack
Legs and Buttocks


What is Glute & Core Training?

Glute & Core training is your basis for a strong body and its goal is to strengthen, as the name suggests, your core muscles – those who support the backbone.

When your core is strong, everyday tasks become much easier, and during the next training, you will be able to give your maximum and achieve better results.

Who is it for?

Glute & Core training will suit everyone, no matter if you are just starting to train or training your everyday life.

You can always choose between easier and more difficult modifications, and so adjust training yourself – it will not be too difficult, and you will be able to follow the training, but it will not be easy so that the training remains challenging.

Benefits of Glute & Core training

Glute & Core training is preparing you for everyday activities, such as climbing the stairs, but it is also preparing you for next training.

The goal of the training is to improve your functionality, increase the strength of the body and shape the stomach and body. Core training is excellent for injury prevention.


  • What should I bring with myself?

    All you need for Glute & Coretraining are clean shoes, water, towel and comfortable sports equipment. We have everything else!

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