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Do you recognize yourself in one of the below cases?

  • You never train and do not know where to start
  • You want to look nicer and tighter
  • You want to increase strength and muscle mass
  • You have overweight problem
  • You are suffering from certain health problems (diabetes or heart problems)
  • You are suffering from some of the deformities (kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis)
  • You are recovering from surgery or certain injury

Personal training is an ideal option for those who want to have a professional around at all times while they train. The personal trainer is here to monitor your fitness journey from the beginning to the end – from initial physical fitness estimation and discussion, through regular training and their modifications in accordance with your progress, to the control measurements and checking the results achieved.

The personal trainer will satisfy your special needs and wishes, whether it is a need to improve general condition and fitness, reduce weight or implement a rehabilitation program. Personal trainers in Tribe team are experts, and they are constantly attending professional trainings and improving. They are flexible in time, and quickly adapt to specific requirements.

Who is it for?

It does not matter if you have just started training, or training is always part of your weekly plan – personal training is an ideal option for you if you want to be regularly monitored by an expert.

Are not you sure that personal training is the right choice for you? Then you can use the option of a trial personal training – without the obligation to become a member of Tribe community. Trial personal training will give you the option to decide based on your experience.

If you want to adjust your workout sessions to your schedule, then personal training is a choice for you. All terms are flexible, you can always arrange with your trainer.

Benefits of Personal training package

Bearing in mind that you are dealing with the trainer in relation to the type of training, duration and intensity – the benefits are numerous. As with every aspect of physical activity, personal training will positively affect your health, mood and self-confidence.

The personal trainer will adjust the intensity and type of training to your needs and goals that you want to achieve. Your personal trainer also looks at whether you perform exercises correctly, which is very important in order to avoid injuries and to get the effects of the training faster.

And another of the Tribe’s benefit when it comes to personal training is that, if you merge six months of personal training – the seventh month will be on us!


  • Weight Loss Program

    For a healthy reduction of body fat, it is not enough to just change the diet and reduce calorie intake. This is certainly necessary, but physical activity is crucial in the weight loss process.

    Our team of trainers first will perform the necessary diagnostics to determine the initial state, and then set the target. These targets will help you reaching your goal as fast as possible. The strength and type of training depend on the stage of obesity, as well as the general state of the body.

    The main priority is always the preservation and improvement of health.

  • Hypertrophy program (increasing muscle mass)

    If you want to stimulate muscle growth, a proper training program is required.

    A progressive increase in workload and training intensity will lead to results, as well as proper nutrition and sufficient rest.

    The best exercises for building muscle mass are basic exercises that involve multiple muscle groups in motion, and act stimulating to the growth hormone secretion. In addition, isolation exercises are included, since they contribute to the overall body symmetry.

  • Body shaping program

    You are not working out to lose weight, nor to build up, but only to correct muscle tone, tighten and redefine certain parts of the body? If this is true, than this program should be your choice.

    The most common problems are: women have a lower mass of gluteus (saddle muscle), then so-called riding trousers, pear shapes, weaker upper body.

    Men’s common problems are asymmetry in the lower and upper part of the body, fatty deposits around the stomach, insufficiently developed chest muscles in relation to the shoulders and arms.

  • Working with children (correction of deformities)

    During the development period, spinal column deformities are the most common, including kyphosis, scoliosis, incisal and prominent breasts, asymmetries. They mostly occur in youth, during the period of growth.

    In order to solve these problems successfully, individual approach and frequent evaluation of the results obtained are needed.

    The most common deformity of the spinal column is scoliosis and most commonly occurs in girls in the period of adolescence.

    All deformities of the spine can lead to functional disturbances, which are tolerable in childhood due to the great adaptive ability of the young organism, but going towards the mature age are becoming increasingly unbearable. That is why they need to be corrected in time.

  • Special conditions

    Training and Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes occurs in the middle age, somewhere after 30 years of life, and it is directly related to lifestyle and diet.

    Physical activity (primarily strength training) increases the sensitivity of the body’s cells to insulin, improves insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. Consequently, glucose metabolism is improved and therefore fat and tissue formation does not occur.

    Training and increased heart pressure

    Physical activity is one of the most important steps in improving health. An irregular diet and lack of physical activity are the main risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension.

    If the disease has already been reported, it is necessary to regulate body weight and to work out a certain type of training that will contribute to the regulation of blood pressure.

    Training and discus hernia

    After diagnosing the disc herniation and removing or reducing pain, the most important part of the treatment is muscle strengthening along the spinal column, as well as the abdominal region. Next thing would be improvement of flexibility, which can be achieved only by regular exercise under expert supervision.

    The emphasis in this training should be on the controlled performance of the movement and the appropriate choice of exercises.

    Training and knee injuries

    Each injury of ligaments and meniscus causes a significant problem in the function of the knee. However, such injuries should not mean termination of training.

    Knee injuries, after being diagnosed by a specialist doctor, should be treated in an adequate training process, in which emphasis is placed on strengthening the quadriceps muscle, PNF exercises, the established range of movement, and the preservation or enhancement of muscular strength.


  • What should I bring with myself?

    All you need for training are clean shoes and comfortable sports equipment. We have everything else!

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