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What is Les Mills Tone?

Les Mills Tone combines strength, cardio and core training segments – all in one training session.

This training debuted at the global fitness scene at the beginning of 2018, but due to the combination of exercises and good music it quickly became popular in fitness centers around the world.

Les Mills Tone contains a mix of exercises that will trigger the entire body and accelerate the pulse. You will burn many calories, build strength, but also increase the level of flexibility, balance and strength of the core muscles.

Who is it for?

Les Mills Tone picked up the sympathies of the fitness lovers all over the world just because it suits everyone – you will have fun and achieve the desired results.

You can choose different levels of intensity, from higher to lower intensity, and so adapt the training to yourself. Movements are simple, and the results are based on a combination of different elements.

Benefits of Les Mills Tone training

Les Mills Tone combines elements of cardio training, core training and strength training, and gives you the benefits of all these training sessions.

Les Mills Tone will help you develop condition and flexibility and burn many calories for a short time.

You will develop power, increase energy and flexibility. This training will strengthen your core, which will help you achieve better results in other training sessions.


  • What should I bring with myself?

    All you need for Les Mills Tone are clean shoes, water, towel and comfortable sports equipment. We have everything else!

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