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What is VIP training?

VIP training gives you the opportunity to combine working out with your coach and attending group fitness classes. This is a great combination because the coach will monitor your progress, show you the proper performance of the exercises and be there to motivate you.

With VIP training package, you can work out with a coach in smaller groups up three times a week. If you feel that you need more than three workout sessions per week, then you can take advantage of the VIP training program and add group fitness programs to your plan as you wish.

Your coach will satisfy all your special needs and wishes, whether it is the need to improve your general condition and fitness, reduce weight or implement a rehabilitation program. Moreover, when we say all the wishes – this does not only apply to the type of training. He will be there to motivate and cheer you, but also adjust the intensity of your training according to your progress.

Who is it for?

If you are mindful of group and personal training, VIP training is an ideal solution for you.

The certified trainer will monitor your progress from the very beginning, develop a training plan in accordance with your goals and adjust it regularly. In addition, you have the ability to check and monitor the segmental body composition and measure bioimpedance.

However, besides this option, you can include a group training that suits you – if you want better results, you can include cardio training or strength training, or flexibility training if you want to relax. There is no limit when it comes to group fitness classes – whenever you want and whichever training you want.
The essence of the VIP program is to find the ideal combination of training for you.

Benefits of VIP training package

The best thing about VIP training is that you can choose all the benefits! You want to lose weight, tighten, or eliminate stress? You choose the training yourself in accordance with the goal, so you can accomplish everything.

Benefits, as always, are a positive influence on your health, mood and self-confidence.


  • Weight Loss Program

    For a healthy reduction of body fat, it is not enough to just change the diet and reduce calorie intake. This is certainly necessary, but physical activity is crucial in the weight loss process.

    Our team of trainers first will perform the necessary diagnostics to determine the initial state, and then set the target. These targets will help you reaching your goal as fast as possible. The strength and type of training depend on the stage of obesity, as well as the general state of the body.

    The main priority is always the preservation and improvement of health.

  • Hypertrophy program (increasing muscle mass)

    If you want to stimulate muscle growth, a proper training program is required.

    A progressive increase in workload and training intensity will lead to results, as well as proper nutrition and sufficient rest.

    The best exercises for building muscle mass are basic exercises that involve multiple muscle groups in motion, and act stimulating to the growth hormone secretion. In addition, isolation exercises are included, since they contribute to the overall body symmetry.

  • Body shaping program

    You are not working out to lose weight, nor to build up, but only to correct muscle tone, tighten and redefine certain parts of the body? If this is true, than this program should be your choice.

    The most common problems are: women have a lower mass of gluteus (saddle muscle), then so-called riding trousers, pear shapes, weaker upper body.

    Men’s common problems are asymmetry in the lower and upper part of the body, fatty deposits around the stomach, insufficiently developed chest muscles in relation to the shoulders and arms.


  • What should I bring with myself?

    All you need for training are clean shoes, water, towel and comfortable sports equipment. We have everything else!

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